Midlands and Yorkshire Classic Car Club


During the Summer we normally meet on the first Thursday evening of the month. However, in view of the current pandemic, our May, June and July 2020 Meets are CANCELLED. 


Depending upon where the vehicle is situated, we can carry out a free probate valuation of your family classic car.

Just send us an email to: midsandyorksccc@aol.com with details of the make, model and your contact phone number and we will get in touch. 


Due to presure from green groups and some farmers, most fuel sold in the UK now contains 5% ethanol. This is OK for modern cars but is best avoided on cars that are not used daily or those which were manufactured before 1980. 5% ethanol might just be OK for an old vehicle but there is a risk in using it and we do know that in higher quantities, it can block fuel lines and dissolve gaskets.

Three cheers then for Esso, whose super-unleaded petrol contains no ethanol whatsoever, outside of Devon and Cornwall.

So, unless you are in the South West, go Esso Super. It really is "the sign of happy motoring".


Each year a number of second-rate classic car event organisers insist that classic car owners must arrive at their shows with their cars by some ridiculous early hour, like 9.00 or 9.30am, failing which they will not be admitted -and in addition -they sometimes insist that owners have to remain until a late hour, such as 5pm.

When challenged about this, these berks often quote non-existent "health and safety" laws.

Odd, isn't it, that at these very same shows the public are allowed to come and go at will with their cars, -with no safety concerns- but classic vehicle owners -without whom there would be no show- are treated in this appalling way.

There is one answer to all of this: don't exhibit at the shows that impose these totally unnecessary and dictatorial rules.

One of the worst culprits is the Malton Show in North Yorkshire, which has insisted that all classic cars have to be in place by 9.30am. Only a week or so later, one of the best and biggest shows in the UK is held at nearby Newby Hall, -also in North Yorkshire.

This is a far better show than Malton and all classics attending are allowed to arrive "up to 12.30pm" on the day and can leave precisely when they want.

Well done to Newby Hall and to the show organisers NECPWA for showing how a good classic car event should be run.

CYCLISTS 'should be given number plates'

A police commissioner has suggested that all pedal cyclists should be required to display number plates

Many people believe that cyclists who break road laws should be punished and one police commissioner believes identification plates may be the best way to ensure this happens.

Katy Bourne - the Sussex police and crime commissioner - is the advocate of the proposed scheme. She firmly believes that cyclists should be treated the same as drivers on the roads and if they are, it might "make life easier for everybody," she says.

Mrs Bourne added: "I would like to see cyclists wear some form of identification. "So when they go through traffic lights, you can actually identify them and then you can prosecute them for breaking the law."

She said that it was a "debate that should be had."

Many motorists who have witnessed cocky pedal cyclists' total disregard for stopping at red traffic lights would surely agree with her, as does Labour peer Professor Lord Winston.

He is now considering introducing a private members' bill to force cyclists to have license plates, following an agressive cyclist riding on the pavement and kicking him in 2019.

'The requirement for number plates would mean cyclists who are blatantly breaking the law can be identified' he said.  



Is it a Honda, perhaps? Or even a 1960's AC? No. It is a rare 1957 Volvo Sport.

The Sport was announced in 1954, causing something of a sensation. This open top 2-seater sports car was made of fibreglass and featured a 4 cylinder 1.4 litre engine based on the power unit from the Volvo PV444.

It was however not until 1956 that the cars arrived in the showrooms. Most components were standard from the PV444, although the Sport featured twin carburettors, giving the engine some 70bhp.

The model was marketed as 'The family sports car' but was a sales flop largely due to the price.

Most of the cars sold were sold in Volvo's home market of Sweden.


How many times have you been sitting at home when the bad weather that was predicted doesn't materialise, the sun is shining, the roads are dry and you wish there was a classic car meet taking place but none are planned?

Well now, there might be one!

Our 'Last Minute Larry' initiative will be operating on occasions when there is an unexpected good turn to the weather but no car events are taking place nearby.

When this occurs, some of us will get together for a quick "pop up" classic car meet at a local pub or venue.

To be part of this initiative, send your email address to: midsandyorksccc@aol.com, with "Last Minute Larry" in the subject box and we will keep you informed.

This initiative is suspended during the current pandemic.