Midlands and Yorkshire Classic Car Club


We normally meet on the first Thursday evening of the month in Summer and the first Sunday lunchtime of the month in Autumn and Winter. However, in view of the current pandemic, all of our planned Meets are CANCELLED.

We will review this for our 2021 Meet schedule from June onwards, so please check back here later but, for the avoidance of all doubt, we are NOT meeting now at all before June 2021. 


Due to presure from green groups and some farmers, most fuel sold in the UK now contains 5% ethanol. This is OK for modern cars but is best avoided on cars that are not used daily or those which were manufactured before 1980. 5% ethanol might just be OK for an old vehicle but there is a risk in using it and we do know that in higher quantities, it can block fuel lines and dissolve gaskets.

Three cheers then for Esso, whose super-unleaded petrol contains no ethanol whatsoever, outside of Devon and Cornwall.

So, unless you are in the South West, go Esso Super. It really is "the sign of happy motoring".




Depending upon where the vehicle is situated, we can carry out a free probate valuation of your family classic car.

Just send us an email to: midsandyorksccc@aol.com with details of the make, model and your contact phone number and we will get in touch


No, the car is not a Mazda or a new Lexus convertible. It is a 1989 Railton F29 Claremont.

British designer Reid Railton started building his own marque of sports cars in the1930’s by mating an American straight 8 Hudson engine to his own coachwork.

However, the Railton car company made no cars after the 2nd World War until William Towns, famous for his work with Rover, had the idea of rebodying a Jaguar XJS. He joined up with self made millionaire John Ramson in the 1980’s and used the then new XJS convertible as the basis for the new model, which was bodied in aluminium. In 1991, after a trial exhibition, he unveiled the new Railton.

Two cars were produced, this one, with rear wheel spats called 'Claremont' and finished in metallic blue, and another without the wheel spates. In 1991, the car was priced at £105,000.

Only 2 were ever produced, the Claremont remaining in the possession of William Towns until his death. The car still exists, somewhere, but is registered as a Jaguar.


How many times have you been sitting at home when the bad weather that was predicted doesn't materialise, the sun is shining, the roads are dry and you wish there was a classic car meet taking place but none are planned?

Well now, there might be one!

Our 'Last Minute Larry' initiative will be operating on occasions when there is an unexpected good turn to the weather but no car events are taking place nearby.

When this occurs, some of us will get together for a quick "pop up" classic car meet at a local pub or venue.

To be part of this initiative, send your email address to: midsandyorksccc@aol.com, with "Last Minute Larry" in the subject box and we will keep you informed.

However, this initiative is suspended during the current pandemic.